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English Ten Honors

Mrs. C. Danowski

Miller Place High School (474-27= 23)

&nb= sp;

Students are provided with a weekly calendar that outlines all class activities, homework assignments, long-term projects, quizzes, exams, and important due dates.


Class Overview:

Daily Activities:=

1.      =             Critical Lens Quote Qu= ick Write or Daily Language Practice

2.      =             Review of weekly calen= dar and daily objectives

3.      =             Review of homework (if assigned)

4.      =             Work on one of the fol= lowing units of study


Weekly Activities=

1.      =             Two Writer’s Not= ebook Topics per week (Due Wednesday and Friday)

2.      =             Reading of Writer̵= 7;s Notebook Topics ( On a volunteer basis)

3.      =             One Spelling, Vocabula= ry Level E, Sentence Combining, or Grammar Unit, which may include homework activities and a quiz


Units of Study


1.      =             Note Taking and Study = Skills (Notebooks are graded each quarter)

2.      =             Reading Strategies for Poetry, Fiction, and Non Fiction

3.      =             Poetic and Literary Techniques/Poetry Unit  (Readi= ng, Analyzing, and Writing)

4.          &nb= sp;       A Lesson Before Dying

5.          &nb= sp;       Lord of the Flies

6.      &= nbsp;  To Kill A Mockingbird

7.          &nb= sp;       Les Miserables

8.          &nb= sp;       Holocaust Literature U= nit-Night

9.      =             Independent Reading Pr= ojects

10.      =         Preparation for the New York State Regents Tasks 1-Task 4)=

11.      =         SAT Preparation

&nb= sp;

Quarterly Assessments


1.      =             Unit Exam on every thr= ee spelling lessons

2.      =             Unit Exam on every thr= ee vocabulary lessons

3.      =             Revised Journal Entry<= o:p>

4.      =             Notebook

5.      =             Class Participation Gr= ade

6.      =             Unit Exam related to literature studied


Final Exam is cumulati= ve.