English 10 Honors and Public Speaking

Mrs. Danowski

Miller Place High School


Late Work Policy


Late homework is not accepted in my classes, except for the following situations:


1.                  If you come to class without an assignment and it is in your locker, fill out your agenda and go get the assignment.


2.                  If you have left your assignment at home and can get in contact with a parent, I will accept the assignment up to one period after it was due.Your parent must sign a note that they dropped the assignment off.


3.                  If you are absent the day an assignment is due, you must hand it in the day you return to school.


4.                  If you are absent from class, but come to school, you must get your assignments to me.I can check the time you arrived at school.


5.                  If you are absent the day an assignment is given, make arrangements with me for a due date.This is your responsibility.


6.                  If there are extenuating circumstances which prevented you from completing an assignment, such as a death in the family or family emergency, have a parent write me a note, e-mail, or call me.We will then plan a new due date.


It is your responsibility to complete all assignments on time!Homework counts for 20% of your quarter grade and not completing assignments will negatively affect your grade



I understand the Late Work Policy in Mrs. Danowski�s class.


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