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      = ; English 10 Honors, Mrs. Danowski

Writer’s Notebook Assignment


=         &= nbsp;   Your assignment is to write a minimum of two pages in your Writer’s Notebo= ok per week: one due by Wednesday and one due by Friday using the topics I = give you.  Please get away from= the first-person response and attempt to write in various points of view, as we= ll as in different styles.  Attem= pt to write poetry, an editorial, fantasy, a children’s story, realistic fiction, an interview, a one act play, a letter, a diary entry, an obituary= , an epilogue, a ballad, etc.   I WANT TO SEE VARIETY!=




1)      =             Every entry must be dated, numbered, and titled.  Use a title that reflects the topi= c.


2)      =             You are to write a minimum of two full pages per week for full cred= it.  Each full page is worth a 5 pt. ho= mework assignment.  Partial credit ma= y be given.


3)      =             I also want you to attempt literary and poetic techniques.  Highlight or underline these in your ent= ries. 


4)          &nb= sp;       To reinforce the vocabulary and spelling words you are learning, us= e A MINIMUM OF THREE vocabulary words and/or spelling words in conjunction with assigned spelling and vocabulary units. Underline or highlight these words.

&nb= sp;


&nb= sp;

Keep all entries in a spiral notebook.  If you write on a loose sheet of p= aper or type your entry, tape or staple the entry into your spiral.



Each quarter, you will choose an entry to revise= and develop into a polished piece of writing.&= nbsp; This will be a test grade.


I n the spring, you will be required to submit t= wo pieces of your writing for publication in the school’s literary arts magazine.