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Name____________________________            =        Public Speaking, Mrs. Danowski


Show and Tell


Your “Show and Tell&#= 8221; mini- presentations are due on Mondays.&nb= sp; They are worth up to ten points.&nb= sp; To receive credit you must have the S&T work sheet completed and deliver a 1-3 minute extemporaneou= s presentation to the class.



Ø      Must be 1-3 minutes in length


Ø      Must be delivered extemporaneously


Ø      Must make eye contact with your classmates


Ø      Must speak of one object or subject (a pictu= re, song lyrics, news information, food, memento, clothing, childhood object, etc.)  Show us something and t= ell us something about what you are showing us


Ø      Must use the object or visual aid related to= the topic


Ø      Must have an introduction, body, and conclus= ion



Ø      Your audience contains 10-12 graders.  Is your “Show and Tell” interesting and appropriate?  = Be warned…if your topic is inappropriate, you will receive a zero and ma= y be referred to the Dean for administrative action.   USE GOOD JUDG= EMENT!


Ø      This is an informal and short presentation to get you comfortable with your classmates and with the thought to speaking in public.


Ø      Have fun.&n= bsp; Be creative.


Ø      Teach us something new.  Expose us to something unique.


Ø      The presentation should extend beyond descri= bing physical characteristics or knowledge that may be already apparent or obvio= us to the audience through simple observance.=   (Example:  Please do not bring in an apple and say, “This is an apple.  It is round.  It is red on the outside and white= on the inside.  It makes a good pie.”)


Ø      When speaking about your object consider the following:

§§§§  Who gave it to you?