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Intriguing Insects

Intriguing Insects….


 On November 9th, the North Country Road Middle School had some very special guests that on any other occasion may not be welcome…..INSECTS!!!!  When the students were invited into Mrs. Hay and Mr. Devito’s (Mrs. Hay’s student teacher) classroom, they received anything but the usual routine of morning composition, reading, and class discussion.  Instead, the class would learn about six or eight legged creatures!  The lesson began with an introduction to “Bug buzzwords”, vocabulary that guided class discussion and helped students tackle the essential question, “How are insects essential to the environment?”  Students brainstormed ideas, made real world connections, and began to realize the importance of insects in ecosystems.  Four exotic species of insects were brought into the classroom to interact with the students – a Chilean Rose Tarantula, giant millipedes, stick bugs, and Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.  Students went station to station learning about each species, and were provided an opportunity to touch and hold the insects.  The brave students were excited, and worked like true Scientists!  This is one lesson that students will remember when they look back at this year’s Science class.

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