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Home School Information

Parents of, or persons in parental relation to, compulsory school age children have the legal right to instruct their children at home.  If a child is being educated at home, the local school district must be assured that the child is receiving instruction in certain required courses/subjects.

Parents who wish to home school their children must provide written notice of intent to the school district superintendent.  The school district must then respond to the family and provide a copy of the home instruction regulations as well as an individualized home instruction plan (IHIP) form to complete. Parents are responsible for identifying the curriculum materials that they will use to instruct their children in the required subject areas.

Please visit the New York State Education Department website and review the home school regulations, which provide greater detail of the process described above and other home instruction requirements. 

Parents who wish to home school their children:

  1. Must withdraw (de-enroll) the student from building.
  2. Must provide a written notice of intent to the Superintendent.  Notices of intent can be mailed to the District Office or emailed to Mr. Kurt Roth, Administrator for Instruction and Data Reporting at  
  3. Upon receiving the written notice of intent, the District will provide a Home School packet to be completed by the parents or guardians. 


Home School Resources

Individualized Home Instruction Plan Application 
Monthly Attendance Logs 
Grade 1-6 Planning Chart 
Grade 7-8 Planning Chart 
Grade 9-12 Planning Chart 

Quarterly Reports Grades 1-6 
Quarterly Reports Grades 7-8 
Quarterly Reports Grades 9-12 

Individualized Home Instruction Plan Kindergarten 
Individualized Home Instruction Plan Grades 1-6 
Individualized Home Instruction Plan Grades 7-8 
Individualized Home Instruction Plan Grades 9-12 

2022-2023 Annual Assessment Form