Our Principal

  • Laura Gewurz

    Our Principal
    Laura Gewurz
    Be Safe, Be Happy & Learn A lot

    Dear Parents:

    Welcome to the Andrew Muller Primary School where education in the Miller Place School District begins. The mission of the Andrew Muller Primary School is to promote a strong academic base for all our students in a safe, happy and nurturing environment. The skills we most strongly emphasize include a love of reading and writing and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Additionally, we provide a foundation in physical, life, earth, space science, engineering experiences and technology awareness. We provide social studies experiences relative to our families, communities, civics and economics. Through strong curriculum, character education, positive socialization skills and a firm home-school connection, we are able to create a wonderful and creative beginning for our children. In these precious first years, we relish the opportunity to help shape the skills and attitudes of our future leaders.

    We at the Andrew Muller Primary School are committed to offering curriculum that meets state standards through a wide variety of programs and experiences that helps each student gain success. The Andrew Muller Primary school staff is constantly engaged in staff development to achieve those goals. We have adopted the Journey’s Language and Literacy Program to help align to the New York State Learning Standards along with the Fundations program to further support phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling principals in order to help our students reach their literacy potential. In math, we have adopted the New York State Mathematics Modules to help our students gain a truly deep awakening of mathematics that incorporates both theory and fluency. Our health program centers around The Great Body Shop curriculum which provides opportunities for students to learn how to be safe and healthy. Character education is infused into each and every day. Each classroom at the Andrew Muller Primary School has a Smart Board and some tablets, which incorporate technology for differentiated and interactive learning. Reading and math supports are readily available for students who are identified as needing assistance through the district’s RtI plan. A full complement of special education services are available for students who qualify. All students have weekly instruction in physical education, music, art, library skills and computer technology.

    The Andrew Muller Primary School has approximately five hundred students. We have two playgrounds. Breakfast, lunch and snack programs are available on a daily or weekly basis. Our library provides a time for students to borrow books of interest and engage in maker space opportunities. For your convenience, there is a before and after school program available, which is run by the North Shore Youth Council and hosted here at our facility.

    Please know that the caring and dedicated staff at the Andrew Muller Primary School strives to provide a solid foundation which will carry our students through the rest of their years in the Miller Place School District and their lives.

    We encourage you to consult the district calendar and become involved in the rich activities the Miller Place School District community provides.


    Laura Gewurz, Principal