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  •   Hi class!
    I thought it might be fun to have a BRAIN TEASER tournament.
    Each day I will post a brain teaser on my homepage. 
    Email your answers to me (this website doesn 't support social apps, that's why you can't post)
    Be sure to label your Brainteaser (BT1, BT2) with the number so I know which one you are answering.  
    You will get 5 tickets for each correct answer (I will be keeping a tally)
    I'll give you the tickets once we get back to school.

     detective me


      Brain Teaser 1 (BT1)

    Four students measured their heights.  Nicky was taller than Kelly, but not as tall as Terry.  Gene was taller than Terry.  Write down their names in order of their heights from shortest to tallest.

    ANSWER: Kelly, Nicky, Terry, Gene

    Brain Teaser 2 (BT2) (email me by 5pm) 

    Sally has 18 red marbles.  She has 5 more blue marbles than red marbles.  She has 7 more green marbles than blue.  How many marbles does she have in all?

    ANSWER:  71 marbles

    Brain Teaser 3 (BT3) (email me by 5pm)
    Mrs. Pere is thinking of a number.

    My number is a two-digit number.

    The number is greater than 60.

    The product of the digits is 45.
    What's my number?
    ANSWER: 95

     Brain Teaser 4 (BT4) (email me by 5pm) this is a riddle

    What has to be broken before you can use it?

    ANSWER:  an egg

     Brain Teaser 5 (BT5) (email me by 5pm)

    Ben, Ashley, Cole, Jacob, and Luke are running a race. Find the order (1st place to last place) that they finished by using the clues below.

    • Cole crossed the finish line after Ashley
    • Jacob finished between Cole and Luke.
    • Luke was faster than Ben.

    ANSWER:   1st place Ashley

                              2nd place Cole 

                              3rd place Jacob

                              4th place Luke

                              5th place Ben

      Brain Teaser 6 (BT6) (email me by 5pm) (riddle)

    I come once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years. What am I?

    ANSWER: the letter M

     Brain Teaser 7(BT7) (email me by 5pm) 

    Follow the directions to find the answers to the riddle below.

    RIDDLE:  What stays in the corner but travels around the world?


    1. Cross out the letter that sounds like the word “sea.”
    2. Cross out all consonants in the word “bookend.”
    3. Cross out the long vowel in the word “home.”
    4. Change all Gs to the third letter of the word “patch.”

    Write the remaining letters below:

    ___   ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ !

    ANSWER a stamp

     Brain Teaser 8(BT8) (email me by 5pm) riddle

    On the way to a water hole a zebra met 6 giraffes.  Each giraffe had 3 monkeys hanging from its neck.  Each monkey had 2 birds on its tail.  How many animals were gong to the water hole?

    ANSWER:  Only the zebra (1).  All the rest were coming back from the hole.

     Brain Teaser 9(BT9) (email me by 5pm) 

    A number of children are standing in a circle.  If the 5th person is opposite the 13th person, how many people are in the circle?

    ANSWER: 16

     Brain Teaser 10(BT10) (email me by 5pm) 

     Farmer Fred keeps his cows and ducks in the barn.  If there are 13 animals in the barn and altogether, they have 34 legs. How many cows and how many ducks does he have?

    ANSWER:  4 cows and 9 ducks

     Brain Teaser 11(BT11) (email me by 5pm) 

    Three friends have all been collecting shells. 

    • Brandon has twice as many as Dean. 
    • Adelynne has one more than Brandon. 
    • Dean has 12 shells.

    How many does each person have?

     List the three friends in order from who has the least shells to who has the most shells.  

    ANSWER:  Dean 12;  Brandon 24;  Adelynne 25

     Brain Teaser 12(BT12) (email me by 5pm) 

    Hope has three favorite numbers.  Read the clues to work out what they are.

    • Each one is an odd number.
    • Each one has two digits.
    • The sum of the digits is 6.

    What are Hope’s three favorite numbers?

    ANSWER: 15; 33; 51

     Brain Teaser 13(BT13) (email me by 5pm) 

    When Ella was 6 years old, her little sister, Leila, was half her age. If Ella is 40 years old today, how old is Leila?

    ANSWER:  37

     Brain Teaser 14(BT14) (email me by 5pm) 

    How many 9’s are there between 1 and 100?

    ANSWER:  20

     Brain Teaser 15(BT15) (email me by 5pm) 

    Use the clues and to find out what each child had for a snack after school.  Each child had a different snack. (hint:  make a chart)

    • Violet doesn’t like fruit and is allergic to dairy products.
    • Ben and Adrian like fruit, but Adrian doesn’t like seeds in his fruit.
    • Matthew likes frozen treats.
    • Paige and Adrian like a yellow snack.


    ANSWER:  Violet/cookie;  Adrian/banana;  Ben/apple;  Matthew/ice cream;  Paige/cheese


     Brain Teaser 16(BT16) (email me by 5pm)

    If you multiply this number by any other number, the answer will always be the same. What number is this?