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Student Conduct on School Buses

  • All students are required to behave appropriately while riding on district buses.
  • Students need to be orderly, quiet, and considerate of other people and property while waiting to board the bus.
  • Students need to be ready to board the bus as soon as it arrives.
  • Students need to take their seats as quickly as possible.
  • Bus drivers will maintain order and have the authority to assign seats, give directions and implement rules regarding the safety and proper conduct of students.
  • Students are required to pass in front of the bus not behind the bus when crossing the street to or from a district bus.
  • Students' heads, arms, or objects must not be extended from bus windows.
  • Shouting, aggressive or destructive behavior, fighting, or offensive language can result in a suspension or elimination of bus privileges.
  • Students will remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Bus drivers will report violations of the rules to the appropriate school building and the District Transportation Office.
  • Students who violate the bus rules and regulations can have their bus privileges suspended or revoked.
  • Students are not allowed to switch buses and if a student needs to go to a different location, the parent(s) needs to make alternate transportation arrangements.