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Transportation Services

The District has a transportation contract with First Student Bus Company. 
Please call First Student with any questions or concerns regarding:
Large Bus (631) 924-8400 (In-district transportation)
Mini Bus (631) 744-2204 (Out-of-district and/or special needs transportation)

For other transportation question including childcare requests, and stop changes, please call:
District Transportation Office - Ms. Regina Tambasco (631) 474-2700 ext. 730

As a reminder, students are not allowed to switch buses and if a student needs to go to a different location, the parent(s)/guardian(s) needs to make alternate transportation arrangements. 

Transportation Related Files:
Annual District Transportation Letter 2023-24
Childcare Form for AMPS & LADSBS
Bus Stop Dropoff Form (AMPS only)
How to Find Your Child's Transportation Information on Schooltool
School Closing Decisions 
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