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Miller Place UFSD
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Concert Dates-Updated as of September 7, 2023

Date                              Event                         Time             Location 

Date                                           Event                              Time                             Location 

Thursday, December 21       LADSBS Band,               6:30pm                   NCR Gymnasium
                                                   Chorus, Orchestra

Thursday, April 11           LADSBS Beginner               6:30pm                    MPHS Auditorium
                                              Strings Recital

Monday, April 15              LADSBS Beginner              6:30pm                 MPHS Auditorium
                                              Band Recital

Wednesday, June 5          LADSBS Band,                     6:30pm                   NCR Gymnasium
                                              Chorus, Orchestra


Date                                                    Event                                    Time                             Location 

 Wednesday, December 6        NCR 6th and 7th                  7:30pm                      MPHS Auditorium
                                                       Grade Chorus

Monday, December 11            NCR 8th Grade Chorus        7:30pm                    MPHS Auditorium
                                                       and Vocal Jazz

Tuesday, December 12            NCR 7th and 8th Grade      7:30pm                     MPHS Auditorium

Thursday, December 14         NCR 6th Grade Band            7:30pm                    MPHS Auditorium
                                                      and Orchestra

Monday, December 18         NCR 7th and 8th                       7:30pm                    MPHS Auditorium 
                                                     Grade Band

Wednesday, May 8            NCR 6th and 7th                            7:30pm                    MPHS Auditorium

Thursday, May 9                  NCR 8th Grade Chorus              7:30pm                    MPHS Auditorium 
                                                 and Vocal Jazz

Monday, May 13            NCR 7th and 8th Grade               7:30pm                      MPHS Auditorium

Monday, June 3              NCR 6th Grade Band                 7:30pm                        MPHS Auditorium
                                          and Orchestra

Thursday, June 6       7th and 8th Grade Band             7:30pm                MPHS Auditorium


Date                                             Event                                        Time                   Location

Tuesday, November 28      MPHS Pop/Jazz Concert          7:30pm            MPHS Auditorium

Thursday, December 7      MPHS Select Chorus                 7:30pm            MPHS Auditorium
                                                 and Concert Chorus

Tuesday, December 19       MPHS Concert Band                 7:30pm            MPHS Auditorium
                                                   and Symphonic Band

Wednesday, December 20   MPHS Orchestra                      7:30pm            MPHS Auditorium

Monday, May 20                 MPHS Orchestra                       7:30pm             MPHS Auditorium
                                                 and Cello Ensemble

Wednesday, May 22          MPHS Concert Band                   7:30pm             MPHS Auditorium
                                                and Symphonic Band

Tuesday, May 28               MPHS Select Chorus                    7:30pm              MPHS Auditorium
                                             and Concert Chorus

Tuesday, June 4            MPHS Outdoor Music Showcase      7:00pm           MPHS Stadium Turf