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Food Nutrition Information

Wellness Committee
As per district policy, the Board of Education considers student wellness to include Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health Education.  The Board of Education has established a Wellness Committee that meets during the school year.  The committee has representatives (if available) from the school board, the food preparation staff, the physical education department, the school nurse or health staff, a registered dietician, the district faculty, the PTO, enrolled student, and parents/guardians of enrolled students. The committee reviews food service/nutritional information facets. The current year's committee schedule is available on the Board of Education Committee webpage.


Nutritional Resources

Choose My Plate Website - MyPlate is designed to help families find healthy eating solutions. 
Food Choices - Tips to a Great Plate - 10 simple tips for making healthy lifestyle food choices. 
Healthier USA Website - Health information from A to Z.
Kids Health Website - Health information for students, parents, and educators. 
USDA Five Food Groups Information - An at-a-glance chart of foods that belong to each food group.