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Naviance/ Family Connection


Naviance/Family Connection Student Login


Matching Your Common App and Family Connection Accounts

Completing these steps allows your transcripts and recommendations, which are in Naviance, to be matched with your Common App.

1) First, go to

1. Log into your Common App account. If you haven't created an account, you'll need to do that.

2. Under the "Common App" tab, complete the entire "EDUCATION" section so that it has a green checkmark (this is necessary since the Common App must know the high school you attend).

3. Go to “My Colleges.” If no colleges are listed, go to "College Search" and add at least one college to which you'll be applying.

4. Click one of the colleges and check the box next to "Recommenders and FERPA".

5.  Complete the FERPA Release Authorization, giving Miller Place High School permission to send your transcript. Follow the instructions and hit save after you digitally sign the FERPA Release Authorization.

2) Second, go to Family Connection:

1. LOGIN to Naviance/Family Connection  and click the Colleges tab. Then click “Colleges I'm applying to”

2. Enter the email address used in your Common App account & click “Match”.

3. Once you've done this correctly and you see this, you are finished.

"Common App Account Matching -Complete "

Your Common App account was successfully matched.