Classroom Policies and Procedures

  •  Classroom Rules

    • Treat others with respect
    • Arrive to class on time and prepared to work
    • Be responsible with deadlines
    • Follow directions
    • Respect Equipment
    • No Food or Beverages in the Lab 

    Grading Procedures

    Each semester’s grade will be based on class performance, quizzes, tests and class projects. Grades will be determined on a total point basis where averages are calculated based on how many points have been earned divided by total possible points. The final grades will be determined using a composite grading system with each quarter and the final exam being worth 20% of the final average.

    Please check School Tool for due dates, deadlines and missed assignments.


    You are required to find out about work that you miss because of lateness or absences. You are responsible to make up exams on your own time and it must be done within one week. If you do not take a makeup test you will receive a zero for the exam. 

    If you sign in late the day of an exam you must find me immediately to make up the test that day.

    Cut Policy

    If you cut class you will be given a zero for that day. Absolutely no exceptions.

    If you need to contact me for any reason please e-mail or

    call 474-2723 ext. 337