• spring

    The counselors look forward to meeting with your children in groups and individually

    6th Grade- The students did an activity on "self-advocay" and "goal setting".  Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence was used as a guide for the activity.  The counselors will meet with the students in October and an activity worksheet will be done.  In April, we will meet with our 6th grade again and reflect back on this year of middle school.  We will talk about "The Do's and Dont's" and what they are hoping to achieve in 7th grade. They are a wonderful and insightful bunch of kids!  

    7th Grade-The counselors will meet with the 7th grade in December in the computer lab to introduce them to Naviance.  They will be doing the Career Learning Styles and to begin a journey to discover their learning and working styles.  Login in information will be given to them and you will be able to view the results from home.  In February, they will see the 7th grade again in small groups and talk about how their learning styles can lead to success in school and later in life.  

    8th Grade- The counselors will meet with the 8th grade in November in the computer lab. We registered the students on Naviance in 7th grade and worked on a career inventory. The Cluster Finder showed the students what career clusters may be a good match for them based on activities that interest them, personal qualities they have, and subjects that they enjoy studying in school. Their log in information was given to them so you can view their results from home. In january the counselors met with the 8th graders again to talk about scheduling for 9th grade. In february they will meet individually with their counselor to review the scheduling sheet and schedule them for 9th grade. 

    In May, Guidance will visit with the 8th grade again to have a discussion on transitioning to the high school.  They will be given an informational broshure to take home. How quickly time flies, they will be in high school before you know it!

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