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    The school counselors look forward to meeting with their students in groups and individually.


    6th Grade- The counselors visited the classrooms  the week of September 12th and talked with students about  "transitioning, goal-setting and self-advocating." We will meet with our 6th graders again in March to talk about careers!

    6th Grade Group Outline

    In the spring, the counselors will visit the classrooms again to talk about topics that may include mindfulness, overcoming challenges and/or positive mindsets.  

    7th Grade- The counselors will meet with the 7th graders this October 24th & 25th and talk about a positive mindset and how to find success.  We will look at the power of positivity, starting a new school year on a positive note and how having the right mindset can lead to success!  Pep Talk Video

    Famous Failures

    In the spring, we will shift gears and the counselors will meet with the kids again and introduce them to Naviance as we explore career clusters. 7th Grade Group Outline  

    8th Grade- The counselors will met with the 8th grade in November and registered them on NAVIANCE.  NAVIANCE is a career exploratory program that assists students as they explore learning styles. Students will discover their sensory, environmental and mindset preferences and the counselors will go over the meaning of the results and show students how to utilize the feedback given.

    The school counselors will also meet with the 8th grade for 9th grade course selection sometime in January and again individually, in February to personalize the course selection for 9th grade. We will also talk about finishing the year on a strong note and we will meet with their 8th graders again in May to talk about transitioning to high school. 

    Brochures will be given out. 8th-9th Grade Brochure



    Career Exploratory Activity Jeopardy Link


    Dear Student, treat everyone like it's their birthday every day and see where it leads you!. Watch this video by Robbi Novak, the youngest TED talk speaker, and see what we mean!....... 

    Pep Talk By Kid President


    Dear Parents, sometimes our kids can be stressed by a school test, technology, their peers or even us parents. It can be difficult for them to let go of those kinds of stressful or anxious thoughts and it takes practice for them to relax and focus on the "good things." Here is a link for parents on how you can do mindful mediation at home with your kids!

    Positive Meditation At Home  


    Dear Teachers, Here is a Mindful Guided Meditation for Kids that you can use in the classrooms. Guided Imagery Exercise