Classroom Policies and Routines

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    The following classroom information is organized alphabetically for quick reference.

    A.M.P.S. Home-School Binder ~ We use this binder every day for student-teacher-parent communication.  It is organized with specific sections to guide your child in study and management skills throughout our school year.  Kindly assist in keeping the binder clean, dry and properly maintained.

    Birthday Celebrations ~ We celebrate children's birthdays in class with crowns, certificates, songs, and smiles!  Birthday Readers may visit our classroom virtually.  School Policy does not allow for food items or treat bags to be sent in or distributed.  Such treats will graciously be returned.  Please mail invitations from home.  Phone number and address distribution is only permitted after families consent to join our Class Directory.  All July and August birthday children will be assigned June birthday celebration days.  Please wait until the end of May to receive notification.

    Birthday Readers ~ We invite families to visit and celebrate with us on or near each child's birthday to read 2 or 3 picture books to our class virtually.  This is an enjoyable way for you to share your child's special day with us.  A Birthday Reader form will be sent home at the beginning of your child's birthday month so that you may choose a date and time for your visit.  Siblings (whose school is no longer in session) and grandparents may join us too.

    Book Orders For Scholastic Reading Club ~ There is a separate webpage under Parent Communication in the Home Directory to explain the steps for the book club ordering process.  Online Book Orders are usually posted with a due date near the end of the first week of every month.  There is an extensive variety of books to choose from at excellent prices.  Every time a parent orders online, we receive a coupon for a free classroom book too!  Most of our classroom library has been purchased through Scholastic Books.

    Class Directory ~ We will create a Class Directory for parents within our class to contact one another.  A form will be distributed on the first day of school.  By signing and returning this form to school you give consent to be part of a booklet which will be copied and distributed only to our classmates and their families.  Class Directory participation is optional.

    Class Involvement ~ Families are highly encouraged to participate in classroom and school-wide events virtually throughout our year together.  There will be many opportunities to engage with our class.  We love to share our learning!

    Class Parents ~  A Class Parent is responsible for communication chains through phone or email links as well as assistance with class celebration preparations when available.  Class Parents may also be asked to cut our or assemble hands-on projects to make it easier for little hands to manage larger tasks.  Class Parents will be fairly selected from the pool of interested individuals.

    Communication ~  The quickest and most successful means of communication between Parent and Teacher is by sending a note in the child's Home-School Binder.  Notes are read immediately in the morning and responses are sent home directly in the afternoon.  Email is an option, but email is not checked as regularly.  Phone conferences and Parent-Teacher conferences are also available upon request.

    Donation List ~ There is a separate webpage under Parent Communication in the Home Directory for a Supply Donation List.  Donations are gratefully accepted throughout our year together.

    Guest Speakers ~ If there is someone in the family who has a special lesson or talent to share with the class, please send in a note for a possible visit!

    Hand washing ~  Children are required to wash hands with soap and water after using the bathroom.  We have a bathroom and a sink in our room.  They will also be encouraged to wash before and after eating snack and lunch as well.  Successful hand washing procedures will be modeled and practiced throughout the year.  Washing while singing the ABC Song in one's head ensures that a fair amount of time passes to kill germs.  Small personal hand sanitizers may be sent in to keep in desk boxes, but the drips do quickly eat away at our waxed floor.  Classroom soap and water usage is recommended.

    Homework ~ Homework will be assigned on Mondays through Thursdays.  Optional extended review and challenge work activities will also be available each quarter if you request them.  Kindly help your child to select a quiet study area and a fairly consistent time to create an after school routine.  Please stress that it is his or her responsibility to complete homework and to bring it to school on the correct date it is due.  Neatness always counts!  Encourage "Best Effort" work.  In the beginning of the school year, parental guidance may be needed to complete homework.  Assistance should lessen as your child's reading and writing skills develop.  If written homework takes more than 20 minutes to be completed, even when your child is fully focused and trying hard, please send a note in.

    Homework For Absences/Vacations ~ Important class work will be collected at school and made up upon your child's return.  If you are going away for a vacation, your child is encouraged to take along several books to read as well as to keep a Travel Journal about the trip to share with classmates upon his or her return.

    Lunch ~ A healthy lunch complete with a healthy drink should be provided daily.  Children who bring lunch will store their lunch boxes in a large shared bin for transport to and from the lunch room.  Students may also buy lunch with cash (please send it in a Ziploc bag with your child's name on the bag) at a cost of $2.75 per full meal, or use an ID number through a parent-created online lunch account link on the MPSD website.  If children do not know their ID numbers, we will help them to access their accounts in the lunch room and purchase meals until the numbers are memorized.  After lunch is eaten, the Snack Stand is opened for a short time for purchasing ice cream, chips, cookies, etc.  Students have 25 minutes to eat in the cafeteria and then 25 minutes for recess.  Everyone goes outside if the temperature is above 50 degrees and there is no rain or snow, unless a doctor's note restricts outdoor time.  Proper attire should be worn based on weather conditions.  Sneakers are recommended for all days of school to ensure safety in the classroom, hallways and on the playground.  Sandals and flip flops are not recommended.  A child should bring in a change of sneakers if he or she chooses to wear other footwear.  During indoor recess days, children go back to the classroom to participate in daily rotating activities such as Board Games Day, Arts & Crafts Day, Live Games Day and such.  Click on the district website to go to our MPUFSD Food and Nutrition Services for more information.

    Photo Permission ~ Throughout the year we would like to take photographs of our classmates during exciting learning experiences.  A photo permission consent form will be distributed on the first day of school.  Photos will be shared on an End-of-Year Memory DVD given only to our classmates to enjoy in the future.  Photos of actual children in our class will not be posted anywhere on this website.  All photos throughout this website are drawn from available online clip art.

    Open House ~ Open House is VERY important for all of us.  It is essential for us to exchange and understand the expectations we share regarding your child.  WE can make this a great year!  Many policies and procedures will be reviewed then.  Kindly attend. 

    Snack Time In Class ~ Please provide your child with a healthy daily snack and drink (separately bagged and labeled) which will be eaten during a 10 minute morning work time break in the classroom.  Children may not purchase snacks and drinks in the cafeteria during this time.  As per school policy, candy is not allowed in school at any time.  Candy will be sent home uneaten accordingly.  Children with food allergies will be seated at a pre-sanitized, separate location to ensure health and safety.   If a snack drink is sent in, lunch requires a second drink and a healthy meal.  ***Please note:  There is a water fountain in the classroom; however, it is highly recommended that your child brings in a labeled and spillproof water bottle daily for staying hydrated. 

    Supply List ~ There is a separate webpage under Parent Communication in the Home Directory for a list you may read and print.  Please send in a note if you need assistance with supplies at any time.

    Visiting Our Class ~ If allowed this year, please R.S.V.P. for each special event that you plan on attending.  A specific form or open invitation will be sent home for you to sign before the visit.  The Entrance Hall Monitor requires teacher notification regarding the names of all expected visitors.  Be prepared to show photo identification each time you visit to ensure safety for all in the building.

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