Math Modules and video link

  • Complete NYS Mathematics modules can be viewed online at

    Great New LINKs for math help! 

    1.You can view Problem sets videos: You will need to click on: and then scroll a ways down to find the correct module.  

    Click on Lesson number for the teacher lesson, problem set and hw sheets.  Most lessons have a video that will help you see a demonstration of the lesson.


    2. For anyone who is struggling with math, we learned about a California school website that has videos demonstrating each lesson (on the actual homework from each lesson) for children at home.  

    and click on the lesson number video.  

    I suggested to the students that they watch first, then try on their own. 

     They can  do the homework and check to see that they did it correctly, as another option.  There will be some left problems (not answered) for students, so they cannot use this for all their homework.  Students must learn to solve on their own, as it only gives part of the answers. 

    Good for parents too!

    3.  Another link: