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    Class Schedule- 2019-2020

      Monday-  gym

      Tuesday- Music


     Wednesday - Art and Library


    Thursday - Gym

     Friday -        Gym




      **Lunch will be at 10:45 everyday.



    School Policy


    No food will be permitted for birthdays or any class celebration.

    If you would like to send in a small non food item to celebrate your child's birthday that is fine. Examples might

    be stickers or pencils. We will sing to your child and he/she will receive a small token gift from me.

    Invitations to parties may not be handed out in school unless the entire class is invited.




    Everyday the children will write down their homework in their organizers. I am trying to encourage

    accountability and independence. For the first half of the year I will check their organizers. You may also use

    the organizer to correspond with me. 

    Organization helps lead to success!!!



    Top Banana

     Every student will get a chance to be Top Banana for a week.  During this week your child will write and tell all

    about themselves.  They will also have the opportunity to bring in any special item to show and tell during this

    week.  Top Banana is selected randomly.




    This is an allergy aware class.


    Please send your child in everyday with a snack.  We  will have snack after lunch in the


    afternoon.  Students are not permitted to share snack.  Please make sure the snack you


    send in contains the ingredient label.



    Bus Notes     

    Make sure to send in a note if your child

    will be taking a different bus home. We

    collect all notes every morning.


    Please stop by the front desk when visiting the school to

    receive a pass. The only time it is not necessary is when we are having an entire school function.


    School Projects

    Every student will be required to complete a science fair project.


    Report Cards... 

    Our report cards are completed via computer! Your child will receive 3 report cards throughout the year.


    Absent Work

    In the event that your child is absent due to illness, you may make arrangements with the office/nurse to pick up missed work. 

     If not, a folder containing missed work will be on his/her desk when they come back to class..  They may make up work in class, and at home;

    I will do my best to get him/her up to speed on all lessons missed.