Classroom Supplies

  • Fifth Grade Supply List 

    2 packs of pencils (no mechanical pencils)  

    pencil sharpener that catches shavings 

    1 pack of black or blue pens 

    1 pack of broad-tip dry-erase markers (low odor, preferably) 

    4   2 Pocket, sturdy folders (without fasteners) 

    1   24-pack of crayons, colored pencils, and/or markers 

    1 small supply bag or box (8” x 5”) 


    4 large glue sticks 

    1 highlighter 

    6 marble notebooks 

    1 1½-inch “view” binder (no “Trapper Keepers”) 

    1 package wide-ruled loose leaf paper 

    1 package of dividers for binder 

    2 packages of lined 3” x 5” index cards 

    2 large box of tissues 

    Optional: Earbuds/Headphones in a plastic bag 

    Daily: Independent reading book 

                Small healthy snack