3rd Grade Module 4 Terminology

  • Terminology

    New or Recently Introduced Terms

    §   Area (the amount of two-dimensional space in a bounded region)

    §   Area model (a model for multiplication that relates rectangular arrays to area)

    §   Square unit (a unit of area—specifically square centimeters, inches, feet, and meters)

    §   Tile (to cover a region without gaps or overlaps)

    §   Unit square (e.g., given a length unit, it is a 1 unit by 1 unit square)

    §   Whole number (an integer, a number without fractions)

    Familiar Terms and Symbols

    §   Array (a set of numbers or objects that follow a specific pattern, a matrix)

    §   Commutative Property (e.g., rotate a rectangular array 90 degrees to demonstrate that factors in a multiplication sentence can switch places)

    §   Distribute (e.g., 2 × (3 + 4) = 2 × 3 + 2 × 4)

    §   Geometric shape (a two-dimensional object with a specific outline or form)

    §   Length (the straight-line distance between two points)

    §   Multiplication (e.g., 5 × 3 =15)

    §   Rows and columns (e.g., in reference to rectangular arrays)

    Suggested Tools and Representations

    §   Area model

    §   Array

    §   Grid paper (inch and centimeter)

    §   Rulers (both centimeter and inch measurements)

    §   Unit squares in both inch and centimeter lengths (e.g., square tiles used for measuring area)