Some Helpful Tips and New Vocabulary

  • Old Habit Adopt New Habit

    Instead of defining equality as "same as", define equality as "same value as".

    Instead of calling digits "numbers", state that "Digits are in numerals. Numerals are written symbols that represent numbers."

    Instead of saying "Addition makes things get bigger", say, "Addition is about combining."

    Instead of "Subtraction makes things get smaller" say "Subtraction is about difference."

    Instead of “We don’t have enough so we need to go to the next place” say “We need to decompose the higher unit.”

    Instead of “Let’s borrow from the 10’s place” say “decompose the higher unit value.”

    Instead of saying that multiplication “makes things get bigger” say multiplication is “repeated addition or find the total when we add the columns and rows (area model).”

    Instead of division “makes things get smaller” say division is “repeated subtraction of groups; or how many for each one.” (partitive model/unit rate model)

    Instead of “doesn’t go into” (for example, 7 does not go into 3) say “We can divide 7 by 3, but the result won’t be a whole number. You will be creating an answer with fractional parts or leftover pieces.”

    Instead of “and” meaning decimal point, realize that “and” means to combine. So one hundred and forty nine means 1 hundred and 49 ones. If you need to state a decimal, I would communicate the decimal as 100 and 45 and 37 hundredths, written as 145.37.

    Instead of saying “cancels out” say “use the property that allows you to simplify.”

    Instead of asking for “the answer”, instead ask to “show a model, relationship, or justify your answer.” Explain why you were able to switch your numbers in that way.