4th Grade Module 2 Terminology

  • Terminology

    New or Recently Introduced Terms

    §   Kilometer (km, a unit of measure for length)

    §   Mass (the measure of the amount of matter in an object)

    §   Milliliter (mL, a unit of measure for liquid volume)

    §   Mixed units (e.g., 3 m 43 cm)

    Familiar Terms and Symbols

    §   =, <, > (equal, less than, greater than)

    §   Capacity (the maximum amount that something can contain)

    §   Convert (to express a measurement in a different unit)

    §   Distance (the length of the line segment joining two points)

    §   Equivalent (equal)

    §   Estimate (an approximation of the value of a number or quantity)

    §   Kilogram (kg), gram (g) (units of measure for mass)

    §   Larger or smaller unit (used in a comparison of units)

    §   Length (the measurement of something from end to end)

    §   Liter (L) (unit of measure for liquid volume)

    §   Measurement (dimensions, quantity, or capacity as determined by comparison with a standard)

    §   Meter (m), centimeter (cm) (units of measure for length)

    §   Table (used to represent data)

    §   Weight (the measurement of how heavy something is)