Our Classroom

  • Third Grade Supply Lists can be found on the LADSBS website. 

    2019-2020  Class Parents

    Mrs. Malone and Mrs. Martino




    Student Birthdays




    Students will not be allowed to celebrate their birthdays with any type of food.  However, students will enjoy celebrating their birthdays in other ways.  First, the student’s name will be announced on the morning announcements and at lunch.  The Birthday Boy or Girl will be given a birthday crown to wear on his/her special day and a birthday pencil.

    Parents can help make their child's birthday extra special by signing up to be a guest reader on that day.  Any other non-food related ideas are more than welcome.   






    Our Classroom

    Our classroom is centered on positive outcomes and positive reinforcement.  Students will be rewarded for their hard work and good behavior.  Students will be able to earn “McTino Money” which leads to earning many different prizes, and marbles in the “Caught Being Good Jar.” We will also use an electronic Behavior System called "Class Dojo" where students will be awarded with points during positive behavior, like participation, during full class lessons in ELA and Math.  Good behavior will always be rewarded with praise and positive reinforcement. 

    We have a color coded system of consequences.  Each child begins the day on their green card and their card will be turned if there are any negative behaviors.  For example if a child breaks a classroom rule, the card will be turned to yellow, meaning they have a warning.  If the child continues to break a rule, their card will be turned to blue, meaning they will not be able to participate in a preferred activity and will complete a behavior card.  The cards continue to purple, which requires a phone call or letter home, and lastly a red card, meaning that the child needs to be removed from the classroom and sent to the principal’s office. 




    Classroom Jobs


    Classroom Jobs will be changed each Monday.  One of the classroom jobs is line leader.  The girl and boy line leaders are rotated once every week so that every child has the opportunity to be line leader.  Other jobs include paper passer outer, mailboxes, teacher's helper, custodian, and messengers.




    Guest Readers


    Guest Readers are family and friends that volunteer to read a book to the class.  The students LOVE being read to and having visitors.  Please send me a note or email with a date and time that works best for you.  There are many Friday afternoons available.





    Scholastic Book Clubs online order access code is grzxn.