Bands What to Work on

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    People get Rewarded in Public... for the work that they do for weeks, months and years in private.



    See North Country Road Page with list of District PDF assignments... 


    Each Band has a page detailing some practice suggestions with listening examples and suggestions for additional music to work on.




    Concert Prep & NYSSMA Solo prep can continue... I am working on an alternative way to perform your solos and band music.



    • Are you setting practice Goals?
    • Are you shaping the phrases musically?
    • How is your intonation… are you able to Audiate and play in-tune?
    • Can you create Dynamic Contrast?
    • 7th & 8th Graders can you start to add Vibrato when appropriate?
    • What can you do to improve and bring your audience your best performance?



    Keep working on Band Music, working on  NYSSMA Music, (The NYSSMA Manual has been revised this year... please see Mrs. Troyano to make sure any solo you are working on is still included in the manual) and trying some Improvisation and Small Ensemble Music should be our focus now…


    Make sure you're reviewing your scales and learning your chromatic scaleIt makes learning new pieces much easier. You will be ready to try all different types of music if you get comfortable with many key signatures.


    Grade 6: Concert Bb,Eb, F & Ab Major Concert Scales

    Add Arpggios/Chords for each key signature...Major Triad the 1...3...5... of each scale


    Grade 7: Concert Bb, Eb,  F, Ab NEW SCALE C Major Scales

    Add Arpeggios/Chords for each key signature... Major Triad, Major 7th Chord & Dominant 7th Chord  


    Grade 8: Concert Bb, F Eb, Ab, C, NEW SCALE Db Major Scales ...

    Add Arpeggios/Chords for each key signature... Major Triad, Major 7th Chord, Dominant  7th chord & minor 7th chord


    Try visiting the website to check out lots of free, printable sheet music and recordings for all different instruments… You can make ensembles out of all different types of instruments too!


    Try using some free music writing software finale notepad get a taste of writing and notating your own music… We have the full finale music notation program at NCR so save what you create on a drive and think about sharing it with us… You can even write a small piece to be played by some people in the group???



    Things to Think About When Practicing:


    1.     Improve Intonation (playing in tune)… hearing your part in your head while playing…and try to make your pitch match what you are singing

    2.     Create dynamic contrast (creating differences between loud & soft sections)… practice with dynamics so you are more likely to add them to our large ensemble.

    3.     Please include focused listening on www.jwpepper or Smart Music as part of your practice time… it helps you work up the tempos & style of articulations…

    4.     Work on Clear, Clean Attacks & Releases… add slurs as written




    Check out the sub page for your band... It has info about the songs you should start working on & how to access them on JW Pepper!


    Please bring your binder, your dividers and something to write with to each rehearsal and lesson...See you then!