Possible Solo Suggestions - Woodwind, Brass & Percussion

  • The NYSSMA Manual for Solo and Ensemble performances are divided by instrument.  Each Instrument can perform solos from Levels I through VI.  Level I (being the easiest) and getting more difficult up to level VI (typically high school and college level work.)

    Students who perform an individual NYSSMA solo must choose a solo from the current NYSSMA manual.  I have included some possible suggestions to help your child start thinking about a solo that would be right for them.  The full NYSSMA manual has many more choices and often private teachers may select other pieces (from the manual) for students to perform. 

    All students must purchase original music to use and perform at the NYSSMA festival.  Copies will result in disqualification.

    Please see the NYSSMA application for the scale requirements for each level of solo. 

    Students will also be asked to perform a short (8 measure) sightreading example that is appropriate for their NYSSMA solo level of playing.