Practice Sheets

  • Practice Sheets are available in class each week or they can be downloaded in "Word"


    Everyone should be practicing at home!!!  It's fun to sound great... sometimes it's hard work at first!



    No HW/Practice due Over the Holiday Break - both will be Optional Extra Credit... Please keep playing if possible NYSSMA solos and Spring Concerts are right around the corner!... If you are able to practice please write down your minutes - include name, dates, times and a parents signature on a separate piece of paper.


     Last Practices Sheets for the 3rd Quarter: #

    #19 Practice Sheet

    #20 Practice Sheet

    #21 Practice Sheet

    #22 Practice Sheet

    No Practice Sheet 23 - No HW due over Winter Break

    #24 Practice Sheet

    #25 Practice Sheet

    #27 Practice Sheet  last sheet for the 3rd quarter

    No Practice Sheets due for the remainder of the 3rd Quarter after school was closed on March 16th...


    Practice Sheets for the 4th Quarter will be posted on MicroSoft 365 ... the new Practice Goal for all groups will be 50min per week = grade of 100% ... Students who practice over 50 min will recieve a grade of 100% plus extra credit.














    Start Playing at Home








    Homework Focus: …

    Learning New Music in 2017-2018

    • Set Practice Goals (make them attainable)
    • Organize your practice time... break it up between band concert songs, scale work, fun songs (many can be found on line or try
    • Set aside time for Practice like you would any other Homework.



    Music Prep… work with a performance goal in mind… give your most attention to areas that are still challenging for you… Keep practicing… every right note, rhythm, articulation and dynamic is important.


    For technically difficult spots try working with a metronome.  Start very slowly with all right notes, rhythms & articulations.  Gradually go up 1 or 2 clicks per time.  This helps build accurate muscle memory and will seem slow but you will actually learn faster.  You can access a free online metronome at


    Weekly Practice Goals 

    Grade 6 - 50 minutes or more

    Grades 7 & 8 - 100 minutes or more



    Practice at home is important to building & keeping muscle memory  (Even professional baseball players go to batting practice).


    Now is the time to start reviewing and working on our band music.

    • If possible you may want to check out a Smart Music Subscription... It's a very helpful practice tool.




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