Weekly Assignments


    Each week the homework assignments will be similar in nature.  

    READ- Students must read every night.  They should log their reading on the Reading Log distributed each night, including a parent signature.  This log should be carried to school each day.  If a specific thinkcentral  book is assigned during the week, this assignment may count as that night's reading log assignment.  Please note such on the log.

    Monday- Write 5 sentences using 5 vocabulary words from this week's Journeys story.  Students have access to these words on thinkcentral.com.
    Tuesday- Write 5 sentences using 5 vocabulary words from this week's Journeys story 
    Wednesday ORThursday- thinkcentral.com reading assignment.

    NIGHT BEFORE A JOURNEYS TEST- Reread the story on thinkcentral.com  and review the vocabulary words. 

    MATH- Each night your child should complete the assigned page for that day's lesson.  

    Homework for this class will vary.  Assignments will usually be practice of a grammar or writing skill taught in class during the week.

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