• Meal Payment Options (My School Bucks)

    The District offers an opportunity for parents and guardians to purchase meals, snacks, and beverages on a pre-paid account basis. Our goal is to increase the level of service for students by reducing the number of manual cash transactions to help the food service lines move more efficiently.

    The following methods of prepayment are available for parents: online credit card and check. The prepaid student account balances from the 2020-21 school year have been transferred to the new school year. As a reminder, if a student owes an IOU they are not allowed to purchase ala carte snacks, beverages or second entrees. Students are not allowed to charge ala carte snacks, beverages, or second entrees without money on account.

    The District offers parents the convenient online payment service called MySchoolBucks (https://www.myschoolbucks.com/) where you can directly deposit money into your child’s meal account using a credit card. This online prepayment system will help alleviate parent concerns regarding food service staff handling cash transactions.

    Any student account balances at the end of each school year will be rolled over to the next school year.  Any student account balances for 12th-grade students will be transferred to younger siblings or if no younger sibling then refunded at the end of the school year according to our meal charge policy.