Course Offering Guide/Scheduling

  • For 8th graders:

    The NCR school counselors extend their knowledge and expertise in assisting you in selecting courses for a successful 9th grade experience. Keep in mind Earth Science, Algebra 1, Spanish 1, Italian I  are all credit bearing high school courses and will be part of your child's high school transcript.

    The counseling department will be visiting your child's social studies class in January to start the course selection process for 9th grade. Course selection will be done via a form so parents can view their children's course selection.  Counselors will then meet with the 8th grade again individually.  Information from administration will be presented to the parents via Parent Orientation on January 26th.

    Below is the high school course offering guide which can give you some insight into the academic programs of the high school.  More detailed information about NYS high school graduation requirements is on page 9.  Good Luck!


    Course Offering Guide 2023-2024

    Course Selection Sheet For 8th Going Into 9th


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