Sports Physicals

  • Sports Physicals for 2020-2021 School Year. 


    Due to COVID-19 circumstances, it has been determined by NYSED that the following adjustments will be in place for student participation for the FALL 2020-2021 season ONLY.  

    In past years it was required that sports physicals have an expiration date that was within 12 months of the start date for a specific sport season.  (EX:  Sports starting Aug. 24th 2020 would have required a physical that was Aug. 25th, 2019 or after).

    For the upcoming/pending Fall 2020 season ONLY...any physical for sports or school that has been on file from either the 2018-2019, or 2019-2020 school year will be acceptable for sports participation as long as a comprehensive medical intake is completed by parents/guardians within 30 days to the start of participation.  This intake is already a part of our online FAMILY ID registration process and will continue.  


    FAMILY ID registrations for Fall Sports will open as follows...

    • HS (Varsity & JV) sports - registration opens July 24th for the August 24th start date.
    • MS Sports - registration opens Aug. 8th for the Sept. 8th start date.


    Beginning with the Winter Season the regular guidelines will be in place with physicals ONLY accepted with exam dates as follows, in addition to the medical intake on FAMILY ID.


    For Winter & Spring Seasons 2020-2021:

    1.  TIMELINE for ACCEPTANCE:  All sports physical will be valid for 12 months from the DATE of EXAM!! 

    • Physicals MUST BE dated at least 1 year prior to the start of the sports seasons
      • MS Early Winter - 11/10/2019 or after
      • HS Winter - 11/17/2019 or after
      • MS Late Winter - 1/20/2020 or after
      • HS Spring - 3/16/2020 or after
      • MS Spring - 3/23/2020 or after
    • When possible & as a courtesy...DATES of EXPERIATION will be linked to your FamilyID account.  Notifications will be sent when physicals are approaching expiration (within 45 days) or once they are expired. 
    • The MP Athletic Department is NOT RESPONSIBLE for updating your information so please maintain a record of your visits for verification.


    2.  WHO CAN PERFORM PHYSICALS?... Sports physicals may be performed by

       A.  School District Medical Officer - paid by MPSD

       B.  Your personal physician of choice - not covered by MPSD

       C.  Walk-in clincs are accepted - not covered by MPSD


    3.  DOCUMENTATION/FORMS...Completed sports physicals are ONLY accepted if on the NYS FORM Parents are responsible for ensuring the appropriate form is used. No exceptions can be made regarding eligibility for participation & meeting NYS practice standards. Forms are found in the School Nurse's office and attached to this page.  FULL ACTIVITY box must be checked off on page #2














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