Sports Physicals

  • In an effort to accommodate parents while maintaining a comprehensive approach to safe athletics participation, the MPSD & BOE all for sports physicals to be completed as follows... 




    1.  TIMELINE for ACCEPTANCE:  All sports physical will be valid for 12 months from the DATE of EXAM!! 

    • Physicals MUST BE dated at least 1 year prior to the start of the sports seasons
      • HS Football (Football only) - 8/19/2018 or after 
      • HS Fall (all other Fall sports) - 8/26/2018 or after
      • MS Fall - 9/4/2018 or after
      • MS Early Winter - 11/4/2018 or after
      • HS Winter - 11/12/2018 or after
      • MS Late Winter - 1/21/2019 or after
      • HS Spring - 3/9/2019 or after
      • MS Spring - 3/23/2019 or after
    • Dates of expiration will be linked to your FamilyID account as a courtesy and notifications will be sent when physicals are approaching expiration or are expired.  MPSD & the MP Athletic Department are NOT RESPONSIBLE for updating your information so please maintain a record of your visits for verification.


    2.  WHO CAN PERFORM PHYSICALS?... Sports physicals may be performed by

       A.  School District Medical Officer - paid by MPSD

       B.  Your personal physician of choice - not covered by MPSD

       C.  Walk-in clincs are accepted - not covered by MPSD


    3.  DOCUMENTATION/FORMS...Completed sports physicals are ONLY accepted if on the NYS FORM Parents are responsible for ensuring the appropriate form is used. No exceptions can be made regarding eligibility for participation & meeting NYS practice standards. Forms are found in the School Nurse's office and attached to this page.  FULL ACTIVITY box must be checked off on page #2


    4.  UPCOMING 2019/2020 MPSD Physical Dates!!!

    •  June 6th & June 10th
      • MPHS (Current 9th-11th Grade)...2:30 to 5:30pm 


    • June 11th & 13th
      • NCR (Current 6th-8th Grade)...3:00 to 6:00pm


    • August 20th
      • MPHS (open to ALL grades 7th-12th for 2019/20)


                           ***No sign-ups required...1st Come/1st Serve












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