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    Welcome to the Miller Place School District

    Athletic Department!!!


      As things evolve with any potential Spring Season modifications or scheduling for the Fall 2020-2021 season, I will update here as Connect-Ed messages are reserved for COVID-19 & Distance Learning information.

    Please stay safe and as healthy as possible during these uncertain times. 

    You may reach out with any questions via our District emails



    The Miller Place Athletic Department


    Ron Petrie; Director of Athletics            rpetrie@millerplace.k12.ny.us 

    Stacey Hammond; Athletics Secretary   shammond@millerplace.k12.ny.us

      Hannah Kuemmel; Athletic Trainer         hkuemmel@millerplace.k12.ny.us



    COVID-19/Athletics FAQ 


    1.  Sports Physicals Expiration “expiration” notifications through Family ID, and what are families to do under the current situation?  

    UPDATED 5/28/2020!!! ANSWER:    FOR THE FALL 2020 SEASON...students will be permitted to participate/tryout as long as they have a "school Physical Examination on file for 2018-2019 (or) 2019-2020 school years.

    Once registrations open in July 24th - for HS, and on August 8th for MS...we will cross-reference physicals for verification.  Part of the registration process will include a NYSED REQUIRED 30-Day medical intake which must be completed for the registration to be submitted.  We have always done this so this is not a new process.

    The only reasons you may need to visit your Physician for the FALL sports participation is if you DO NOT have a School Physical on file for the two years prior.  Parents may still opt to go through the process via well-visits or other means if they so choose.  Please submit those completed forms to the School Nurse.


    WINTER & SPRING SEASONS (2020-2021)...currently these seasons are not subject to this exam extension and will require physicals to be current based on the following dates. 

    • Early Winter MS Sports - Exam date must be on or after 11/10/2019
    • Winter HS Sports - Exam date must be on or after 11/17/2019
    • Late Winter MS Sports - Exam date must be on or after 1/20/2020
    • Spring HS Sports - Exam date must be on or after 3/16/2020
    • Spring MS Sports - Exam date must be on or after 3/23/2020


    The below statement is the most recent from both NYSED & NYSPHSAA

    Permit student athletes to participate in the fall 2020 sports season if they have previously had a health examination for school attendance in the 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 school years and provide a health history completed (Sample Recommended NYSED Interval Health History for Athletics) and signed by the parent/guardian within 30 days of the start of the season. Student athletes who have not previously had a health examination must still obtain a health examination prior to participation in the fall 2020 sports season. At this time, students should plan to obtain the required health examination prior to participation in the winter or spring 2020-21 seasons, although that may change depending on the status of COVID-19 in the fall.  The Department will provide updated information as needed. 



    2.  What is the current status for Fall Sports, as well as sports in general regarding their start for the 2020-2021 School Year? 

    ANSWER:  Much of this is dependent on NYS Government (Governor Cuomo) and our local Suffolk County Government allowing for schools to reopen.  At this point The Athletic Department is scheduling Fall teams as normal.  We are preparing schedules, special events, transportation, officials, etc., as normal.  Start dates for Fall Sports remain in effect as follows: 

    • August 24th - start date for ALL Fall Varsity & JV Sports 
    • September 8th - start date for ALL Fall Middle School Sports 

    Should this change per the recommendations of the NYSPHAA COVID-19 Task Force or through NYS/Local government mandates, those will be communicated.  There will be no speculation on other scenarios to athletics at this time. 


    3.  Will there be MPAA Summer Sports Camps, or other Camps hosted on MPSD grounds this summer? 

    ANSWER:  Camps will run this summer.  Information was disseminated on July 6th regarding what will be offered and when.  Please check the SUMMER CAMPS link on the Athletics Page


    4.  Will my son or daughter be able to use District Facilities to train/work-out this summer in any capacity?

    ANSWER:  Per Superintendent and BOE decision, school facilities are open for public use by individual community members.  This includes fields, track & tennis courts.  All BOE regualtions are in effect.  Large groups (more than 8) or private organziations must submit a permit for use and provide appropriate insurance documentation. 


    Please use the following link for additional information from NYSPHAA regarding issues associated to COVID-19 and Athletics.   



    The NYSPHAA TASK FORCE will update recommendations are formulated.  They are expected to meet later this month (May) to begin formulating options for 2020-2021 sports participation based on the possible educational scenarios.   







    Tryout/1st Practice Dates for all 2020-2021 Seasons


    Fall Season     

    All HS Sports (including football) - (8/24/20)

    MS Fall Sports - (9/8/20)


    Winter Seasons   

    MS "Early Winter" Sports - (11/9/20)

    HS Winter Sports - (11/16/20)

    MS "Late Winter" Sports - (1/19/21)


    Spring Season     

    HS Spring Sports - (3/15/21)

    MS Spring Sports - (3/22/21)




    Other information you will find includes links to Section XI for complete sports schedules...under the SPORTS SCHEDULES tab


    Visit the Athletic Trainer page for the latest research and information.

    Should you have specific questions please contact the athletic office during the hours of 7:30 am to 2:30 pm Monday through Friday. 

    Phone: (631) 474-2723 ext. 307




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