Classroom News: Stony Brook University ACE




     SUMMER 2020 Italy to Spain- Earn College Credit while exploring the world!

    Please see itinerary and link to REGISTER TODAY at:

    ( Please note this is NOT a district sanctioned trip and a completely separate event sponsored through Education First Tours. )


    Students have the option of earning 3-4 college credits while taking Hig School Spanish III, IV and V through Stony Brook University. The Stony Brook University ACE program is an accelerated college education program that offers 3-4 college credits for Beginner and Intermediate college level courses in the high school setting for $300/course. Students and parents will be provided more information beginning September during OPEN HOUSE. At that time students will receive literature on how to sign up online.

    *Please note that there is no change for students currently enrolled in the above courses. The classes will remain the same. The only change is that now All students will have an OPTION to take it for credit or not. 






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    Dear Students,

    I look forward to seeing you all on September 2nd. Please note that I have posted the course outlines here on my webpage. I would like to give you the opportunity in advance to purchase all notebooks and school supplies by Tuesday September 8th. It is important that in addition to being prepared with notebooks you will also be required to purchase a travel drive and bring it to class. We will be working on voice recordings, projects and writing assignments that will require you to save your documents to a travel drive so that you can continue to work on assignments both at school and at home. 

    Hasta Pronto,

    Sra. Holmes