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    School Nurse



    Andrew Muller Primary School

    Ms. Ryan Nelson, BSN, RN 

    (631) 474-2717

    (631) 474-0652

    Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School

    Ms. Noreen Killeen, RN

    (631) 474-2721

    (631) 331-4342

    North Country Road Middle School

    Ms. Erin Southworth, RN 

    (631) 474-7258

    (631) 474-0362

    Miller Place High School

    Ms. Kim Gelibter, RN

    (631) 474-2481

    (631) 331-4093


    Dear Parents and Guardians:

    Welcome to the Health Office services and information website.  Please look through the tabs to the left of your screen.  This is where you will find required health forms, notices, and other useful health information. 



    If your child is going to be absent, kindly remember to call the appropriate Health Office listed above.  All offices have voice mail so you may leave a message at any time.  If you do not call in your child’s absence, the office will call your home, work and/or your cell numbers to determine why your child is not in school.