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    Health Office by Building

    School Nurse



    Andrew Muller Primary School

    Ms. Ryan Nelson, BSN, RN 

    (631) 474-2717

    (631) 474-0652

    Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School

    Ms. Noreen Killeen, RN

    (631) 474-2721

    (631) 331-4342

    North Country Road Middle School

    Ms. Erin Southworth, RN 

    (631) 474-7258

    (631) 474-0362

    Miller Place High School

    Ms. Kim Gelibter, RN

    (631) 474-2481

    (631) 331-4093



    If your child is going to be absent, kindly remember to call the aappropriate Health Office listed above.  All offices have voice mail so you may leave a message at any time.  If you do not call in your child’s absence, the office will call your home, work and/or your cell numbers to determine why your child is not in school.