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    NCRMS Concert Band & Jazz Band


    Great achievments are fueled by great work ethics!

    Keep practicing at home, listening to the music and working hard!


    Hi NCR Musicians!   


    I hope you and your families are healthy and staying safe at home!...Thank you to eveyone who is working so hard to make the 365 learning platform successful!


    You will receive a 3rd Quarter Grade that says EXEMPT... the 3rd Quarter average that you earned will be counted as 25% of your 4th quarter grade. 


    • The option to attend 3rd Quarter Make Up Lessons were not available due to school closing.  I have changed all missed lessons to Absent so unmade up lessons will not negatively impact a student's grade.  (you did not have the opportunity to attend make ups... they were all scheduled for days the schools were closed)

    • A Blank 3rd Quarter Summary of Practice Time document was sent to each student through their 365 account.  You can use this and submit it through 365 to complete any outstanding work (please be as accurate as possible).

    • If you would prefer I have also loaded the 3rd Quarter practice sheets on the Practice sheet pages so families can download any missing work that they need and email it instead... scroll down under the picture to see the 4th Quarter grading plan :)


    Welcome to Mrs. T's



    NYSSMA for 2020 has been cancelled because they do not belive it will be possible to reschedule so many festivals.  I will send more informantion when I get it!... Not sure how next year's SCMEA and All State participants will be evaluated.



    4th Quarter Grading Plan for the Concert Bands


    • Eventually Students will be graded on most assignments
    • Don't Worry!  the first few assignments will be counted as extra credit only so that students who are not yet working in the 365 platform will not be penalized.  Extra Credit Assignments will be based on participation only - not necessarily getting the correct answers, so students who are a little bit confused are not penalized for trying.

    When we switch to graded assignments students will receive instruction, extra help and multiple attempts to master the information if needed.

    • 4th Quarter Grade Book Grading will be divided into 3 categories:
    • 1. - Completing Online Assignments in Microsoft 365 will make up 62% of the 4th Quarter gradebook average. This will be listed as rehearsal participation entries.
    • 2. - Completing Practice Logs will make up 15% of the 4th Quarter grade book average & will be listed as HW/Practice Sheet entries.
    • 3. - Online Projects or Quizzes  will make up 23% of the 4th Quarter grade book average & will be listed as Concerts, Projects, Performances and Tests.
    • The Final 4th Quarter Grade will be a combination grade:
      • 25% will be calculated from the 3rd Quarter final grade book average.
      • 75% will be calculated from the 4th Quarter grade book average.




     No Concert Information is Available at this time.



    Congratulations to Our 
    SCMEA All County Jazz Band Members!


    The North Country Road Middle School musicians earned 6 of the 18 seats in the All County Jazz Ensemble!